Sestina for a father who is an engineer and a girl with poetry

The desk and computer by the side of work

Stands a small sunflower and a childhood

A girl might be too young to understand

A father’s masterpiece of circles and lines

The figure of wine bottle machines is his poetry

She only sees the mysterious bottles

Sunny days are always collected in bottles

The girl stands by and reads the father’s work

Not to touch and not to taste poetry

He gives her precious books which escaped his childhood

Her little fingers running between the lines

There is a hidden verse waiting for her to understand

When the girl first comes to understand

Her life is flying with colorful bottles

Collecting his stays with her in her lines

She steals the light of his persistency at work

The sunny ways which went through her childhood

To repeat a million days with poetry

When the girl grows up chased by poetry

Soon it is for the father not to understand

She always lives in the books of her childhood

He supports her adventure with wine bottles

After his tiring night at work

He fails to read any of her beautiful lines

The father lives inside or outside the girl’s lines

When stepping on the meters, there comes the poetry

The foot of rhythm breaks the sky of his work

With a bubble of praise he doesn’t understand

The girl angrily says he should marry the wine bottles

Following is a guilt of betraying her childhood

Whatever happens life is still sunny as her childhood

Love can support each other in different lines

There is a father with machines of wine bottles

And a girl whose life happened to be poetry

Perfect silence not even to understand

Perfect silence when life move forwards with work

The father is always a form of poetry

For he never knows he’s in his little girl’s lines

And she is like a sunflower of his work

-Kexin Huang