Oily Water

That is how I see you.

A reflection marred by senseless voyages,

An expedition without returns,

My ship of broken sailors

Stirring whirlwinds in my belly sea,

Fanning the flames of my fins

Doused in agony.

Enamoured by false captains

Steering me to depths no man desires,

It sails only to be beaten by sun and night

Time a vortex of violent waves,

Caught by an arrow, a promise bait.

Gasping for an air of quest —

You left me yearning.

This is how I see you.

I run in crop circles

While a Northern fyord spins my compass.

A shell of pure disaster,

A poltergeist, my mirage of treasure,


Yet here I can only lie languid

Longing for your ocean foam.

My saint of salt

dive in the wounded gills of my soul,

Banished to wild wreckage winds,

Your world I’d never know.

Bound by tears from these sunken boat eyes,

Need I swim when I can only die?

Still I beg to devour your oily water

Whilst you forget to remember;

Our era of hearts in summer weather.

Mayje Ho