Issue 10


Letter from the Editor:

As this is Particle’s 10th issue, we would like to commemorate our five years by extending our platform to other Malaysian universities. We encourage more talents not only from our sister campuses, but also other institutions in Malaysia, to share their joy in English, express their love for writing, and showcase a melting pot of literacies. With a wider range of writers, come a wider variety of entries. Given the freedom of theme from this issue, the submissions touch on a spectrum of emotions, from the sweet innocence of a blossoming love, to raw emotions such as jealousy, religiosity and lust. We are happy to receive new and unique writings from other campuses. We thank you all again for the wonderful entries. Let us continue the flow of creative writing for the years to come. Happy 5th anniversary!

Li Ying
Poetry Editor


The Blood of Cinderella
Teoh Sing Fei


Why me?
Katherine (Khaw) Ze Yun

Thistle House
 Devanga Witharanage

The God and Devil Discourse 
Nisa Lee

Sestina for a father who is an engineer and a girl with poetry 
Kexin Huang

Oily Water
Mayje Ho 

Namita Suberi

I s i t y o u
Chen Yu Huan

Glass Clouds and Spoken Thunders 
Ungku ‘Arifin Jacobins

Down Below
Gaayathrey Balakrishnan Transition


Jealous Skies
Devanga Amanthie Sahabandu Witharanage

New Lessons to Learn
Christina Yin

 Short Story
Devanga Amanthie Sahabandu Witharanage

The Healer
Augustine F. J. Tan