Issue 9


Letter from the Editor:

Every seven years, the human body changes all of its cells. No one is the same person they were seven years ago. Even butterflies spend some time as larvae, crawling around and eating leaves, before they go into their cocoon and finally emerge as one of God’s most beautiful creations. No butterfly hatches from its egg beautiful.

Likewise, university years are a time for change. The person we are when we graduate will surely be unrecognisable from the person we were when we first enrolled. We grow, we make mistakes, we learn, we mature, we change. This issue, themed Metamorphosis, celebrates that change – be it physical, mental, spiritual, personal, or even societal.

In that vein, the works in this issue were carefully chosen to reflect a number of different perspectives. Once again, we here at Particle hope that you will enjoy this issue, and come away with a changed mind.

(Cover art by Joyce Fong)

Sara Samir Foad Al-Badran, Kelvin Wong, and Wong Jo-yen
Essays & Reviews Student Editors


Geopolitics Shapes Us 
Mohamed Elsayed


Father’s Cane 
Ariff Halim

 Haiku on New Love
Nethmie Dehigama

Life of a Phoenix 
Darren Chin

Little Girl
Abigail Lim 

 Book III Stage Four
Nisa Lee

Sit Down, Kafka, My Friend 
Zulfikar Haidar

 Neo Jacobins
Teoh Sing Fei

Abhiraamee Ayadurai

The Tree on Ilkeston Road
Daniel Platt

Sunset Over Sri Lanka
Nethmie Dehigama

 Things in My Head
Ungku Arifin

 Fragmented Glass
Lee Sheen Yee 

Short Story

Yehezkiel Faoma

Amanda Low