Issue 8 (Spring 2017)

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Letter from the Editor:

This issue of Particle bears the advantage of being without a theme. This has allowed us to receive submissions across a wide range of subjects.

The pieces in this issue are filled with the raw and idiosyncratic passion of the artists among us. These voices craft freely, taking inspiration from the mundane-ness of life, touching on romance, existentialism and self discovery.

We hope that writers from across different walks of life will continue to contribute to the stronghold of flowing words that ultimately create the kind of art that we all grow addicted to.

Chloe Hor, Ayesha Shaik Khaja Mohidin, Saw Li Ying & Farah Aina,
Poetry Student Editors



Mixing Colours: A Miserable Process
Teoh Sing Fei


An Annual Review
Esme Fagan

Jack and Jill
Ng Yin Lun

Afiqah Izzati Azhar

Yehezkiel Faoma


Edged Girls
Ayesha Shaik Khaja Mohidin

Abigail Lim

Glass Swallowers
Delilah Ho

Samantha Lim

Marshmallow Soft
Saw Li Ying

Paper Boats
Abhiraamee Ayadurai

Namita Suberi

What Do You Know
Tiffany Tham

While the Night Is Still Young
Devanga Witharanage

White Noise
Tan Yit Fong