Issue 7 (Autumn 2016)

Letter from the Fiction & Creative Nonfiction Editor:

A disturbance from a proper, original, or usual place or state—’dislocation’ is the theme of our seventh issue, in which we invite people to explore that nagging voice that insists something is out of place.

It can derive from a multitude of states, where questions of identity, existence, home—a sense of place is brought to the surface.

We may not have the answers, but that’s precisely why the exploration of this theme is an important step forward.

Suzanne Azizul Ong,
Fiction & Creative Nonfiction Student Editor


The Call of the Wild: Revisited
Yehezkiel Faoma

Creative Nonfiction

What Einstein Said
Devanga Witharanage


The Secret Garden
Nethmie Dehigama

To Sing Your Heart Out
Chloe Hor


At the Edge of Personal Apocalypse
Nafisa Tabassum

The Marionette
Chloe Hor

Namita Suberi

Moon Child
Afiqah Izzati Azhar

Ophelia’s Children
Afiqah Izzati Azhar & Ariff Halim

Nafisa Tabassum

Psychotic Kitty Syndrome
Suzanne Azizul Ong

The Rum Mermaid
Chloe Lim

Snow in a Summer Eve
Devanga Witharanage

Uncharted Territory
Abhiraamee A/P Ayadurai

The Walk
Yee Heng Yeh