Issue 2 (Spring 2014)

Issue 2 Cover/
Letter from the Editors:

It hasn’t been too long since our ‘orientation’ as incoming students into the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UNMC, where faculty dean Dr Neville Wylie noted that this campus had been something of a ‘cultural desert’ for most of its lifetime (it turns 14 this year), with Engineering and Science being its oldest and most developed Faculties. The launch of the new School of English would hopefully contribute to a thriving, vibrant literary and artistic scene on campus, and PARTICLE magazine – helmed by the faculty of the School of English, a handful of first-year student editors and two graphic designers (as of this semester) – was poised to be a part of that endeavour.

While Drama and Creative Nonfiction remain terribly under-subscribed and there weren’t many takers for the newly-introduced Essays and Reviews, there was a significant increase in the quantity and quality of submissions for Poetry and Fiction. This meant more editorial work, lengthier periods of deliberation and a cause for modest jubilation.

With the completion of Issue #2, we look forward with excitement to next year’s first issue – our first themed one – and a possible revamp of the website’s digital layout. We hope that this issue has something to offer everyone, and that the upcoming summer break will provide enough time for all aspiring writers out there to successfully tackle the theme we ‘borrowed’ from the Winter 1989 edition of Ploughshares: Diversity/Adversity.

Creative Nonfiction

Hannah Hollis

Dream Car
Ariff Roose


‘The Land of Do-As-You-Please’: Childhood and Anarchy in V for Vendetta and the Faraway Tree Stories
Rebecca Rowland


Bed Three

Puteri Yasmin Suraya

His Story
Mehek Saeed

My Burning Bloody Feet
Khoo Hooi Shyan

Zoe Ashton

The Broken Picture
Mohana Ram M

The Red Mountain
Li Zaizhou


Anonymous Suffering
Ben West

Gus Xie

Eyes of a Child
Norah Ramli

I Wash My Soul in the Stream of Infinity
Phavanjit Kaur

Jessamyn Read

The Beso
Lim Sumanā

The Black Wall

What’s in a Home?
Puteri Yasmin Suraya


She is Dark: Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die
Ariff Roose