Submission Guidelines

Initially conceived as a tri-campus endeavour featuring pieces from the three international University of Nottingham campuses, Particle: UNMC Literary Magazine now welcomes submissions from all universities in Malaysia, China and the United Kingdom, with the aim of fostering our ethos of transnational engagement.

We accept submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and reviews.

Writers are required to send in their submissions via their University Student Email (we do not accept submissions from personal email accounts).

We send out a call for submissions in the Autumn and Spring semesters.

Our next call for Autumn 2017 is now open, and submissions for the next issue closes on 1st November 2017The theme for the upcoming ninth issue is Metamorphosis, so feel free to submit creative work on any particular topic or subject.

Authors retain all copyright to their work. However, we would appreciate it if you indicate that your work was first published in Particle: UNMC Literary Magazine in any subsequent publication.

Please send all submissions in Times New Roman, single-spaced, size 12.

Poetry Guidelines:

  • long or short poems
  • no more than 40 lines per poem
  • a maximum of THREE submissions per writer

Fiction Guidelines:

  • short stories, sketches, or a chapter from a novel
  • a maximum word limit of 2,000 words

Creative Nonfiction Guidelines:

  • work that uses the techniques of fiction, such as characterisation, setting, dialogue, and narration to write about factual subjects
  • a maximum word limit of 2,000 words

Essays Guidelines:

  • a short piece of nonfiction on a particular subject or topic
  • a maximum word limit of 2,000 words

Reviews Guidelines:

  • reviews of books, stories, poems, theatre productions, songs, or films
  • a maximum word limit of 2,000 words

We encourage you to think imaginatively. We welcome writing that is challenging and experimental.

You may choose to publish anonymously if you wish (do specify in your submission).

Please email your submissions, letters to the editor, queries, and comments to the following email: <>