Glass Swallowers


Telling your deepest fear to the one you love,
To pour out your heart and soul like that,
Is like swallowing broken glass and needles,
With cyanide, morphine, and a hint of lime,
The perfect deadly cocktail combination to kill yourself.

I am not those people who open up easily to others,
My heart is a heavily guarded castle on a lone island at sea,
With fire breathing lizards and poisonous man eating plants,
But my legs however, are not,
They invite all in, devouring them all, and let none out.

I embrace the fact that I am a sexual being,
I enjoy touches and scorching hot kisses,
Electric sparks travelling all over my flushed red body,
However after all that my heart aches from the loneliness,
That you left after two cigarettes and a heavy veil of awkwardness.

I enjoy the things that would kill me one day eventually,
I know for a fact that I am allergic to nuts, peanuts especially,
But that doesn’t stop me from eating and then regretting as my throat burns,
I also enjoy your tongue against mine while we’re tangled together,
On the bed even if I do not know your name nor you know mine.

You pounding into me is in sync with the beating of my heart,
I let the moans fall freely from my lips as you left marks on my skin,
Your voice sound scratched, rough like you just finished swallowing glass,
Perhaps that’s all we are going to be oh my darling oh my sweet,
Two people that rather swallow glass instead of pouring out their feelings.

So we keep all of our emotions and feelings locked up inside a lead box,
Like it’s laced with deadly radioactive chemicals that will kill,
And we hide behind tired smiles and our loud music,
To drown out the voice that is furiously chanting in our heads,
“No one cares, no one cares, no one cares.”