Down Below

You lust for her taste
As her curtains open wide, flooding your lips with her ecstasy
All silently unfolding in front of me.
Another woman opening her lips down below,
Moans of pleasure, goosebumps rising.
With your stick of sin in between dwelling into her depths.

I remember once, long ago,
My lips down below opened in a rush for you too
Back when the sin between your legs felt like paradise to me.

And yet here I am,
With my baby suffering and crying as I cry too, watching you
Questions rush through my mind.
Will he grow up to be like his father?
To commit sin in another woman’s garden?
To lavish in her pleasured moans and cries?

Time goes back to the apple of our sins were born,
This baby, causing me to close my legs forever,
As he cries, finally shushing as he suckles my nipples,

Like his father once suckled in pleasure
With words of lies on how I was his only Paradise

And yet here I am,
Returning home to hearing voices that used to be my own,

Just to see you in another woman’s garden

-Gaayathrey Balakrishnan